I wrote this one last September, 2014. I want to revive the feeling and the same passion I had for Him when I wrote it. I want Him to rule over my whole being every single day of my life. I want you Jesus. Make me brave again.


You made me see the lies
You broke the ties
You fashioned me to be tame, to turn away from my shame
You built me, made me guilt-free
Justified, realigned, dignified me
You generated everything upright, causes the gloom to be bright
You know me, lived in this planet like You owed me

The mourning and weeping evaporated
Used to wake up every morning jaded
But you rescued me from those who pursued me
Cured and lured me with Your glory

Now, I’m living not in curse
I no longer thirst for the worst
Righteousness outburst
Enlivened by your calling
Now I can go on sailing

Your placidity is my sanity
Ingenuity, that’s Your quality
I may not understand you at times
Yet I envision the serene chimes
But that’s the point, bravery is not all-knowing
I just keep sowing
Keep going
No turning

You make me brave, rescued me from the pitch-black cave
Despite my misbehavior, you constantly prove you’re my Savior
I can’t help but savor this favor caused by your valor, my knight and shining armor.
Jesus, You make me brave.


JPNY Pilipinas Fashion Show



Last Sunday, my team (Captured Dream Productions) organized our very first fashion show for JPNY Pilipinas by Jeffrey Rogador in SM BF Paranaque. A little background about the clothing brand, it started as a national costume (for Binibining Pilipinas 2014) of one of my good friends in pageantry, Angelique de Leon. The dress caught the viewers attention because it was unconventional, fun feel and comfortable; while typical filipinana national costumes are conservative, pretty heavy and bulky. Hehe. Right now, JPNY is a year old, worn by prominent personalities in fashion and entertainment industry, savored by Filipinos in the country and even overseas.

IMG_4707The fashion show went well, not bad for a 1st timer team to mount it, unlike other shows I’ve witnessed (as a model) wherein there were lots of unnecessary shouting and screaming. The favorite task I did that day wasn’t really part of my job description, but I believe it was the most necessary thing to do for the show or for any show to come out smoothly. Can you guess? I was tasked to lead the prayer before we launched. We prayed! 🙂 Such an awesome privilege! We gave thanks and honor to Him who is the giver of talent and creativity, the director every beautiful thing produced for the sake of fashion.

One of the shortest verses in the Bible is found in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, it says pray continually. Short yet vital. Prayer to me isn’t an option, it’s necessary, it’s our way of communicating to the Almighty as we thank Him for the blessings. It is an act of humility, telling Him that we cannot process well apart from Him.  I’ve had uncountable moments wherein I would forget about praying and my entire day would be so stressful. And I can vividly recall the times I knelt down and zealously asked him to answer my prayers, and He would. Some, He didn’t, others He tells me to patiently wait. Nevertheless, all He wants is for me to come close to Him, for my good and His’ glory.

I am encouraging everyone to pray: for this is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, he hears us1 John 5:14 Totally! And make sure that whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yoursMark 11:24

Claim it. Like the cool kids…



Maybe, Just Maybe

Maybe the people you expect to believe and encourage you are not believing and encouraging you today because the Lord doesn’t want them to get the credit for the vision He planted in your heart. For He wants you to rely on Him alone for all these things to materialize. The Lord wants the glory for Himself, it’s not that He’s selfish, He’s just too wise to know that if He allows human beings to get the glory for the greatness which He, himself gave, then we will all be competing and boasting about our achievements. Plus, the fact that HE gave all the talent/skill/energy/intelligence/beauty/power to us, then that gives Him all the right to be glorified. Makes sense, right?

Maybe you are where you are because you are exactly where you need to be. Maybe you shall stop questioning Him of why He allows you to be in that position, at that time and place. Maybe you should stop figuring out how to get out of that situation, instead figure out why He placed you there. Maybe it’s where you’ll be able to make an impact, if not to all, then to one He’s pointing you to reach out to. Or maybe you are there to learn, it’s a necessary detour that He wants you to go through because He is preparing you for the bigger things He has set before you. Remember that you are getting more and more close to Him, that means you are being friends with Him, you are getting to know Him more, He’s telling you His’ secrets and giving you an idea of the things He has in His’ heart and mind. You are privileged! Maybe complaining will not solve anything, maybe you just have to face it, right there, seize it, be thankful, be blessed.

Maybe you have to be aware that over emotionalism isn’t good for you, maybe you are being fooled by yourself, and maybe you should die to yourself and begin to be alive in Him. Maybe things aren’t really bad, you are just being overly dramatic, you have too little faith to believe what the Lord is capable of doing in and through you. Maybe you are not trusting Him enough, maybe you are just being fearful and allowing yourself to be carried away by the negativism you create in your head. Maybe you shall start thinking positive thoughts instead of worrying. Maybe you are not really confused, He’s just teaching you how to make a stand and stay faithful and prayerful about it. It’s time to birth right desires, it’s time to keep working on the conviction God has placed in your heart. Besides He is the only audience that matters, the rest are just spectators. Maybe you shall begin to please Him alone so you won’t get tired of pleasing the universe.

Maybe you are tired because He wants you to find rest in Him. Maybe you are broken because He wants to give you a new heart. Maybe it’s time to let go of the past mistakes and find joy in the progress of your life today. Maybe you are being persecuted or pulled down because He’s teaching you to be humble. Maybe you are in a good disposition in life because He wants you to bless the ones below you instead of being arrogant for being on top. Maybe He wants you to go an extra mile in showing kindness and love, to never hate, to never curse, to be understanding, because He wants to save this wild world through your good behavior. Maybe your silence and perseverance is the key to your freedom. Maybe it’s time for you to be reminded of how the Lord sees you, you wild child. Gees He loves you to death! Literally.

Maybe I’m right, maybe you too should agree as I write this with joy and peace in me. Well, maybe. 😉

Father to the Fatherless 

What I learned yesterday: Yes, He’s made a solution to that. In fact, He is the solution to it. Jsyk, you are not alone in that crazy life journey. 

I, myself grew up without the physical guidance of my Papa, that’s how I call my earthly father. He left for the United States with my mom back when I was in 6th Grade, I was about 13years old then. It was a hard decision my parents had to make just so they could send me and my 6 siblings to school and to a good college, feed us and provide for all our needs. I went through adolescent years without Sunday Family days, without Papa warning me of the things that could harm me, or affirming me about my achievements in school.  

In college, my friends would ask me how I manage to live a life away from my family, my parents’ guidance in particular. I would usually say it’s fine, it makes me feel independent and I like it. But I took my independence for granted, I became so independent that I wouldn’t listen to what my parents have to say each time they would tell me through their letters and phone calls to study hard, don’t focus on having a boyfriend, don’t go to parties. I’d say yes to their requests even if I didn’t mean those yeses, just so they wouldn’t cut my allowance. I was a disobedient daughter.

I messed up for dishonoring my Papa. I eventually became insecure about my relationship with him. Until I encountered my Heavenly Father. He became the father I’ve always wanted to have right beside me, the father I’ve always longed for. Papa may not have rescued me from the lame-materialistic-shallow life path I took before, but no one can really rescue any of us from sadness-fear-longingess-emptiness but our Eternal Father, the One who created us, the One who sent His’ gracious Son for us. 

Maybe some of you didn’t get the nurturing you wanted and needed from your earthly fathers. Maybe your dads are OFW’s (works abroad) like my Papa, they don’t get to spend quality time with you. Maybe your dad abandoned you when you were a baby. Maybe he passed away right after you were born. Maybe your dad abused you. You probably feel that life is so unfair, and you probably blame your father at some point for the life you had to go through because of his’ irresponsibility and insensitivity. Or your dad could probably be sick at the moment, and you feel his’ weakness. Maybe you’re going through any of these, but God the Father remains good and faithful. He can provide more than an earthly father could. He will. He just needs us to return to Him. He’s waiting. 

Right now, I can freely declare that I love my Papa. He’s imperfect, but I will never complain about his’ imperfection. He had to make a choice, and Papa chose to give me a good future and sacrifice almost his’ whole life to provide for us, his’ family. 

I, too will not feel condemned for my sins because God my Father loves me, when I returned to Him’ He clothed me with the robe of righteousness, He clothed me with strength and dignity and the heaven celebrates for my return. That’s the same love He has for you! It’s never too late to honor, love or maybe forgive our earthly father, and never to late to return to our Almighty Father. Cause ladies/gents, there’s nothing we can do for Him to love us less. Nothing. 😉 

All of us like sheep have gone astray, Each of us has turned to his own way; But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on Him. – Isaiah 53:6

God bless you all! 



“Can we fix it? I get things are bad but what are we doing to fix it?” – – – This very line from the movie Tomorrowland is what causes this entry to come to life.

Just when I am about to give up the planned dreams in my cranium, there’ll be some reawakening prearranged in the spiritual realm… And He know exactly where to get everything back on track, in the movie house, with my popcorn and Mountain Dew. How clever.

That scene right there when Frank Walker (George Clooney) and Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) were about to send these robokids to Earth to look for dreamers makes me wonder if I will deserve a pin if I was in the movie. Am I still a dreamer?

I don’t know what the future holds. Or maybe I do, I’m just too sluggish to believe again, allowing myself to go with life’s discouragements, and not believing in the impossible anymore. I’ve welcomed hopelessness, allowed myself to feel defeated. All because of emotions and ego. But I can’t seem to turn away from the BUT’s I have in my head which He ingrained, for sure.

But, but I am in a mission impossible, impossible for me to do apart from the Lord’s grace, impossible to happen for people I tell it to, they even think I’m crazy, but He makes the impossible possible, that’s His’ hobby. So maybe, I will never be able to convince myself enough that it’s going to happen, but I just have to ‘GO’, like I used to, because it will happen. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. And only if I’ll continue, only if I won’t give up, if I’ll keep pursuing the narrow path, only then will I take part for this world to be saved. Woah woah woah. You (I’m) are talking vague again. And He says, it’s not vague, it’s Biblical, He came to change the world, and I’m privileged to have this holy burden of proclaiming Jesus as the answer to all troubles we have in this planet. So it’s a fact, a massive fact, which cannot be fathomed by any human mind.

Another guilt-tripping but. But what about your loved ones? If you abandon the mission, what about your family, friends, and colleagues’ salvation? Who will talk to them about His’ redemptive love? Who will validate it to them? People are waiting to be tapped. So am I qualified? Shall I keep dreaming?

Yes, because there’s no other way. He’s the only way. There’s only One Team Jesus, so It’s either I am for Him or I am against Him. In a clearer context, it’s either I dream or I dream on. I shall go for the Dream Team! Fine. Things are bad. Fine. We (Father, Son, Holy Ghost and I) will do something to fix it. Fine. I will keep doing what I’m called to do.

Now, where do I launch?

You launch where you are.

You’re exactly where you need to be.

Keep dreaming.

The future begins now.

Tomorrowland exists.

After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not fear, Abram, I am a shield to you; Your reward shall be very great.” Genesis 15:1