Father to the Fatherless 

What I learned yesterday: Yes, He’s made a solution to that. In fact, He is the solution to it. Jsyk, you are not alone in that crazy life journey. 

I, myself grew up without the physical guidance of my Papa, that’s how I call my earthly father. He left for the United States with my mom back when I was in 6th Grade, I was about 13years old then. It was a hard decision my parents had to make just so they could send me and my 6 siblings to school and to a good college, feed us and provide for all our needs. I went through adolescent years without Sunday Family days, without Papa warning me of the things that could harm me, or affirming me about my achievements in school.  

In college, my friends would ask me how I manage to live a life away from my family, my parents’ guidance in particular. I would usually say it’s fine, it makes me feel independent and I like it. But I took my independence for granted, I became so independent that I wouldn’t listen to what my parents have to say each time they would tell me through their letters and phone calls to study hard, don’t focus on having a boyfriend, don’t go to parties. I’d say yes to their requests even if I didn’t mean those yeses, just so they wouldn’t cut my allowance. I was a disobedient daughter.

I messed up for dishonoring my Papa. I eventually became insecure about my relationship with him. Until I encountered my Heavenly Father. He became the father I’ve always wanted to have right beside me, the father I’ve always longed for. Papa may not have rescued me from the lame-materialistic-shallow life path I took before, but no one can really rescue any of us from sadness-fear-longingess-emptiness but our Eternal Father, the One who created us, the One who sent His’ gracious Son for us. 

Maybe some of you didn’t get the nurturing you wanted and needed from your earthly fathers. Maybe your dads are OFW’s (works abroad) like my Papa, they don’t get to spend quality time with you. Maybe your dad abandoned you when you were a baby. Maybe he passed away right after you were born. Maybe your dad abused you. You probably feel that life is so unfair, and you probably blame your father at some point for the life you had to go through because of his’ irresponsibility and insensitivity. Or your dad could probably be sick at the moment, and you feel his’ weakness. Maybe you’re going through any of these, but God the Father remains good and faithful. He can provide more than an earthly father could. He will. He just needs us to return to Him. He’s waiting. 

Right now, I can freely declare that I love my Papa. He’s imperfect, but I will never complain about his’ imperfection. He had to make a choice, and Papa chose to give me a good future and sacrifice almost his’ whole life to provide for us, his’ family. 

I, too will not feel condemned for my sins because God my Father loves me, when I returned to Him’ He clothed me with the robe of righteousness, He clothed me with strength and dignity and the heaven celebrates for my return. That’s the same love He has for you! It’s never too late to honor, love or maybe forgive our earthly father, and never to late to return to our Almighty Father. Cause ladies/gents, there’s nothing we can do for Him to love us less. Nothing. 😉 

All of us like sheep have gone astray, Each of us has turned to his own way; But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on Him. – Isaiah 53:6

God bless you all! 


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