Maybe, Just Maybe

Maybe the people you expect to believe and encourage you are not believing and encouraging you today because the Lord doesn’t want them to get the credit for the vision He planted in your heart. For He wants you to rely on Him alone for all these things to materialize. The Lord wants the glory for Himself, it’s not that He’s selfish, He’s just too wise to know that if He allows human beings to get the glory for the greatness which He, himself gave, then we will all be competing and boasting about our achievements. Plus, the fact that HE gave all the talent/skill/energy/intelligence/beauty/power to us, then that gives Him all the right to be glorified. Makes sense, right?

Maybe you are where you are because you are exactly where you need to be. Maybe you shall stop questioning Him of why He allows you to be in that position, at that time and place. Maybe you should stop figuring out how to get out of that situation, instead figure out why He placed you there. Maybe it’s where you’ll be able to make an impact, if not to all, then to one He’s pointing you to reach out to. Or maybe you are there to learn, it’s a necessary detour that He wants you to go through because He is preparing you for the bigger things He has set before you. Remember that you are getting more and more close to Him, that means you are being friends with Him, you are getting to know Him more, He’s telling you His’ secrets and giving you an idea of the things He has in His’ heart and mind. You are privileged! Maybe complaining will not solve anything, maybe you just have to face it, right there, seize it, be thankful, be blessed.

Maybe you have to be aware that over emotionalism isn’t good for you, maybe you are being fooled by yourself, and maybe you should die to yourself and begin to be alive in Him. Maybe things aren’t really bad, you are just being overly dramatic, you have too little faith to believe what the Lord is capable of doing in and through you. Maybe you are not trusting Him enough, maybe you are just being fearful and allowing yourself to be carried away by the negativism you create in your head. Maybe you shall start thinking positive thoughts instead of worrying. Maybe you are not really confused, He’s just teaching you how to make a stand and stay faithful and prayerful about it. It’s time to birth right desires, it’s time to keep working on the conviction God has placed in your heart. Besides He is the only audience that matters, the rest are just spectators. Maybe you shall begin to please Him alone so you won’t get tired of pleasing the universe.

Maybe you are tired because He wants you to find rest in Him. Maybe you are broken because He wants to give you a new heart. Maybe it’s time to let go of the past mistakes and find joy in the progress of your life today. Maybe you are being persecuted or pulled down because He’s teaching you to be humble. Maybe you are in a good disposition in life because He wants you to bless the ones below you instead of being arrogant for being on top. Maybe He wants you to go an extra mile in showing kindness and love, to never hate, to never curse, to be understanding, because He wants to save this wild world through your good behavior. Maybe your silence and perseverance is the key to your freedom. Maybe it’s time for you to be reminded of how the Lord sees you, you wild child. Gees He loves you to death! Literally.

Maybe I’m right, maybe you too should agree as I write this with joy and peace in me. Well, maybe. 😉


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