I wrote this one last September, 2014. I want to revive the feeling and the same passion I had for Him when I wrote it. I want Him to rule over my whole being every single day of my life. I want you Jesus. Make me brave again.


You made me see the lies
You broke the ties
You fashioned me to be tame, to turn away from my shame
You built me, made me guilt-free
Justified, realigned, dignified me
You generated everything upright, causes the gloom to be bright
You know me, lived in this planet like You owed me

The mourning and weeping evaporated
Used to wake up every morning jaded
But you rescued me from those who pursued me
Cured and lured me with Your glory

Now, I’m living not in curse
I no longer thirst for the worst
Righteousness outburst
Enlivened by your calling
Now I can go on sailing

Your placidity is my sanity
Ingenuity, that’s Your quality
I may not understand you at times
Yet I envision the serene chimes
But that’s the point, bravery is not all-knowing
I just keep sowing
Keep going
No turning

You make me brave, rescued me from the pitch-black cave
Despite my misbehavior, you constantly prove you’re my Savior
I can’t help but savor this favor caused by your valor, my knight and shining armor.
Jesus, You make me brave.


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