Last Sunday, June 28, was the coronation night of Miss Teen Earth and Little Miss Earth Philippines 2015. It was held in AFP Theater, a humbler event venue than the Mall of Asia Arena, where we had it last year. Can you just imagine the huge difference, especially with the cost? Since the pageant’s already over, I, now have the freedom to divulge anything I want to say about it. Not because I’m hiding something but because we were too busy organizing the show, I didn’t get an allotted time to write.


Honestly, it was tough getting it all done and over with, cause it was the 1st time for our core team to mount an event this big. There were more out sourcing that happened last year, more money went out. For a better context, the amount spent this year is only about 6.4% of the amount spent last year. My point here is not dwelling on the disappointments and failed decisions, but realizing that an event’s success doesn’t always depend on how much money is spent. It didn’t have to be grand and show off. It’s simplicity, and it’s subjects (the candidates themselves, with the undying support of their families and handlers) were beautiful enough to make it succeed.

This year, we relied on what we have, and what we could offer for the show to happen. We focused on what’s feasible, attainable, practical and realistic. We learned how to be content in a situation like this. We kinda knew where to stop.

This ain’t ALL ACCESS only on the day of the coronation night, but a year of process. Yes, I am a witness. I’ve seen people come and go, some had to be cut off out of greediness, some out of false judgment, others found a better job, some caused by lack of interest or maybe too much interest that exceeded the company’s purpose, and eventually forgot about the advocacy. Despite it all, this is what I realized: (1) Things are bound to happen to humble us, and to make us better, God can always cause a bad situation to happen for His’ greater purpose. (2) He’s the judge, His’ truth doesn’t rely on the facades of today, we will all be judged in His’ time. Scary but true. (3) God wins over money all the time.

I, too can confidently state that integrity and honesty are virtues valued by Captured Dream Entertainment Productions. So if some may be asking if the results of the pageant were the “real results”, I’d say YES. No politics. The winners are legit Earth Champions! 😉


Actually, all 40 candidates are winners for they didn’t give up even when the pageant was about to be canceled. They did all they could for it to push through even in a smaller scale. That’s why the company’s thankful to every single contribution given to the production team, and to the support given to the candidates for the pageant to go on smoothly. We are thankful for the parents/guardians/handlers, the sponsors who still signed up despite the reduction of the media mileages, the press people and pageant enthusiasts who came, the designers of the candidates’ gowns and national costumes that really stunned the crowd.


I, personally would like to thank Janelle, for helping me out that night, for going extra mile with her tasks. Thank you my sister in Christ! ❤

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed. – Proverbs 16:3

Have a peaceful and blessed weekend to all!


One thought on “Pageant ALL ACCESS

  1. Congratulations to Captured Dream, your courage was unbelievable. You have made a very great impact in our lives. Thank you for giving the youth, including the candidtes, the chance to be empowered. You are truly amazing and inspiring. More power! 😘

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