Palawan (SepAnx)


The week before I went to Puerto Princesa, I prayed to enjoy the trip, to have a safe flight and to take home some good stories I could share to my blog. But things went differently, I didn’t expect that I won’t be able to compose any writing while I was there. I think God made me feel things more than analyze them.

Now I came up with a vital conclusion to my trip, I LOVE MY FAMILY, I mean the Rabajante clan (even the ones who didn’t make it to the trip) and I appreciate them MORE today than I used to. Cause back then I was so caught up with my worldly life, too selfish and conceited to actually keep them in mind. SELFISH, I want to stop being one, and be like my parents, aunts and uncles who would sacrificially give their time, finances, and best effort for the joy of our family, especially their children. I’m not saying that we are perfect, we are actually all flawed. I don’t like that my uncles and cousins love to drink alcohol cause they think that’s a generational trait of the family. I used to be a drunkard myself, but I can’t really take the credit for the changes of being cleansed from alcohol. It was Christ’s work. Also, it’s never an excuse for me not to honor them even if they’re (still) like that, for they will always always ALWAYS be my family. They shall always be in my prayers and one of my grand desires is to break the chain of alcoholism. Again, I’ll leave that up to Jesus. 

Going back to the trip… It was really good. I hope I could spend more time with them, talk to each of them and learn about their lives. I hope to be selfless enough to find time for our gatherings, be a friend to my older cousins, and a nice ‘ate/tita’ to my little cousins, nieces and nephews. I have all the time in the world now. I hope I could spend it wisely before I even make my own family. I hope to see the little Rabajante’s loving and glorifying the Lord. And I intensely pray that God would spare them from the pain of the generations before them. I believe it’s a promise from our Lord, that as we remain in Him, everything will be well with us. And it’s never wrong to desire wellness for your loved ones, right? 

I guess this is all I have to say for now. This is more of an appreciation entry. It’s just too weird and stupid for me to oblige and pressure myself to always come up with something inspirational when all God wants me to do now is be grateful. I’m grateful, a little sad that my quality time with them was short, but still GRATEFUL. 

I love my family. ❤️

 And God loves us so much, too much! We are His’. Declared. Claimed. Sealed. ❤️



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