Season: Sick, Healed and Restored

So I thought It was just a regular fever, I was wrong. I had DENGUE FEVER. And for lack of a better word, well, dengue is a b*tch, excuse my impoliteness. It was a 1 week sick ride. My on and off fever started on Saturday, had my check up and confirmed it was dengue Wednesday morning, went to 3 different hospitals near my area only to find out they couldn’t admit me because the rooms are full and most of the cases of the patients’ sickness are the same as mine. I went to Medical City but after an hour of waiting for laboratory tests, they advised me to go home because my platelet count increased (cause of the Tawa-Tawa tea I drank according to my Yaya’s theory). But the morning later it gone worse, I got red spots allover my body, really bad head & stomach ache, and heavy eyes. These are some of the symptoms of dengue. Thursday afternoon, I finally got admitted to Lourdes Hospital in Manila, referred by my boss who also had her child admitted there because of the disease.

Let me tour you to how a single mosquito bite crazily inflicted and affected my life for a week:

So these were the spots I had. I also had some on my legs.

In the emergency room, feeling sad.


Thank God I’m not that afraid of multiple injections, they had to get my blood samples a lot of times to monitor my platelet count. They call it complete blood count aka CBC test.


In the Xray room, had my chest examined.


I thought ultrasound was just for pregnant women, they had to do this to me because my stomach ache wouldn’t go away. They found out that my gallbladder expanded which they assumed was effect of dengue, but they said normally it should’ve been the liver that’s affected.


And so they injected this antibiotic into my dextrose.


My thoughts were going wild on my 1st night in the hospital. I was getting paranoid and I couldn’t help but ask God why He was allowing that sickness to happen to me. My emotion was eating me up, thinking about the hospital bills, the things I’m missing out at work, my family, my diet plans that I would mess up and a whole lot of crazy worries which apparently weren’t from the Lord. One night as I do my devotion, I believe the Holy Ghost pointed me to this verse: “May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13. I don’t know, but for some reason I felt empowered when I read and meditated on this passage. Plus, He gave me practical reasons to hope. I have my prayer warriors, Kris, Ate Mitch, Alyanna, Tita Iris, Ate Monica, Issa, Miss Ann and more! My family in the USA and in Singapore are providing for my hospital bills, while my Tita Naning lend me an advance fee.

My beloved yaya, Ate Tas took care of me from day1 until I got discharged. She was my entertainer, my runner, my personal nurse, my prayer partner! I love her!


Who said I wouldn’t be able to have a Halloween Costume Party this year? Surprise! Steffi and Tasha visited me in cutie Batman and Snake costume. They brought some donuts and prayed for me.


Ate Mitch and Kuya Em also came to visit and passionately prayed for me. We even had a small Bible Study session, they shared to me today’s church preaching on having JOY by choosing to be led by the Spirit and pursuing righteousness. I also miraculously felt the Spirit’s healing when Ate Mitch touched my stomach, the heavy pain I had disappeared when she laid her hands on me, as in gone, no more, and I could breathe well now. I have never experienced Jesus Christ this way before. In this season, He is my Jehovah-Rapha, indeed! And what moved me with the prayer of Kuya Em, that’s been impressed to him by the Lord: that I do not have to do anything, neither to prove anything, that I can simply delight in His’ presence, that I just need to continue to seek Him first and all shall be added unto me. It was an amazing reminder, and it really liberated my heart and my mind from thinking too much. I am full of joy. I love this couple!


Next, came my beautiful-clever-cheesy-cousin! And she also came with a surprise! It’s overwhelming. =’)

IMG_8458 IMG_8453 IMG_8468

Some of the blessings I received in my season of being healed from dengue and being healed in Spiritual and Emotional aspects weren’t captured by the camera. Like my Kuya JP and Kuya Loi’s efforts, my family who didn’t stop interceding for me, my Crazy/Beautiful and Fellowship Viber groups. And more and more things I wanna share, like my birthed desire in praying for the sick because I have experienced suffering from sickness myself. And I have graciously learned to rejoice and be glad in it.

Maybe this is what they call the unexplainable joy. I want to own and inflict this for the whole month of November, for the rest of the year and for the rest of my life.

“And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over.” Mark 5:34 It shall be done according to my faith. I am healed and restored in the name of Jesus. 🙂 


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