GIFT IT: Change the way you Gift


What’s crucial and complicated in this day and age is sometimes we are obliged to promote something because it’s our job to do so, even if we are not really convinced of a certain “claim”, “brand” or “product”, we do promote them because it is part of our job. But I’m not really like that, I’m stubborn and meticulous when it comes to sharing and promoting something. Many times, I would be asked to share/post stuff on Instagram/Facebook but I won’t do it because I do not see an eternal value to what I am being asked to post. I highly believe that you cannot promote anything you do not believe in. You shouldn’t. You will most likely end up lost and confused if you believe in a lot of things, you miss your vision and mission in life, your feeds get flooded with just whatever the world presents to you. That’s why I rub in “eternal value” right here, for it is my standard of promotion and marketing. Sadly, there are a lot of viral things in our world today that are highly marketed without eternal value.

I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to work for a company that (I personally believe) has an eternal cause, GAVA Technologies Inc. is a mobile app factory that has birthed a brilliant app called GIFT IT.


Gift it enables someone to give to Charity, Friend, or Self using personalized campaigns. Gift campaigns can be items from online shops or charitable programs from subscribed foundations. More than a social gifting app, Gift it encourages families and friends to make a difference, to be just better people… together.

The vision of the app is to help more people help more people.

Gift It may be downloaded very soon in the App Store. Be privileged to choose the foundation program/s closest to your hearts! There are causes for Calamities, Animals, Cancer Patients, Child Care, Community, Education, Elderly Care, Environment, Health & Sanitation, Humanitarian, Livelihood, Medical Assistance, Rehab Assistance and Women.

I believe in generosity, in thoughtfulness, in giving. I believe in it because I have witnessed and experienced it, myself from the Ultimate Giver of all good things. For God so loved the world that He gave His’ One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have an eternal life. Such an underrated truth! And just like the truth of Jesus Christ dying to free us from our sins, is also a truth that a lot of people need our generosity, Gift It app is created as a perfect medium for us to exercise our generous muscles.

Let’s Gift together!

For foundation referrals, you may email:

Stay tuned for more updates, like GIFT IT on Facebook:

Follow GIFT IT on Instagram and Twitter: @giftit_app


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