Appreciating Women ;)

  1. Spontaneous bike ride with my coustrend (cousin-sister-friend) Jazmin, and best friends since high school Quennie and Patricia A.
  2. With Ate Monica, Kris and Kris’ discipleship group during Leaders’ Appreciation day in our church
  3. Sunday catch up over dessert and prayer time before worship service with Patricia E.
  4. Photo-sesh with Quennie at the wall of a pizza place hehe
  5. My NFF (new found friends) Issa and Micah, while working at a coffee shop
  6. With sweet and pretty Aya for a video shoot
  7. With Janelle, Miss Ann and Issa for a video shoot
  8. and 9. More photos with Quennie 🙂


And a photo with my Monday Fellowship Group 🙂

It’s been weeks of spending lots  of quality time with WOMEN. You’d probably ask, “So? What’s the big deal?”. Well, to me, it is a huge matter. I’m used to being around women naman, I have a lot of girl friends, pero before was a bit different. There’d be times when I would find it soooo hard communicating myself with other women, and understanding them too, it was caused mostly by my insecurities. I would feel awkward opening up to them, I’d only pick a few I could share my life to not because they’re the only ones I trust but because it wasn’t easy for me to open myself up to others. I had the fear of getting judged. I was imprisoned by the ‘image mentality’ I invented in my head which is a total nonsense. I’d build walls, choose my friends, distant myself. There would be times though that I want to befriend and get close with just any woman but intimidation and hesitation would eat me up.

In high school, most of my friends/classmates I’d consider as my closest friends were men. I had a guy best friend, na tipong kausap ko palagi over the phone -aka- telebabad na umaabot ng midnight, and I became close with a few more na guys din. My thinking kasi before was with men walang competition, walang arte, I wouldn’t feel judged with whatever stories I’d share. Pero grabe what the Lord made me comprehend recently. I am now able to recognize that the idea of me being more close with guy friends (because I thought that’s just the way I am) was a lie. See, ang kasinungalingan and walang sense na mga bagay begin in the cranium talaga most of the time. So pray that we’ll be sharp and careful with what we impose to ourselves. In my case, I covered up the truth of me being fearful and insecure with the stupid idea na guys ang closest friends ko.

Now na naliberate na ako sa TRUTH that I can enjoy my friendship with women pala, I’m super dooper delighting in it! As in. Honestly, parang this year ko lang talaga naappreciate my friendship with women, ang saya pala. Walang hassle kasi you can hang anywhere public/private and hindi ka maiissue that you have a ‘thing’ or you’re ‘dating’ the other person, no need to guard my heart, I can share whatever I wanna share to them! And they would understand me way better than a man would. Sorry if ang cheesy ko ah, pero I really am just happy now that I’m getting even more close with my girl friends, with the right perspective this time. Parang ang dami ko din kasing possible friendship na nasayang dahil sa crooked beliefs ko before so I’m making it up to the friendships that could be formed and elevated.

It’s not that I’m not going to keep any guy friends anymore, I just simply don’t want to have any guy best friend unless he will be my FUTURE HUSBAND. Medyo madami na din kasi akong naging atraso sa future husband ko (because of the weird friendships I built with men) kaya now is the perfect time for me to make bawi para naman worth it for him to wait for me, diba? The Preserved & Reserved for the One who Deserves Movement! Nux. Hahaha. I’m serious though. 😉

Going back, so this is one of the many new things Jesus has taught and granted my life. Ibang klase talaga mga realizations with the Lord. Common sense kung tutuusin pero dahil nga sinful nature tayo, grace lang talaga Nya ang makakapag-correct ng mga palpak/fail na bagay in this crazy planet. Haiii Lord, buti nalang mahal mo ako! I love you too! ❤

And thank you for the gift of friendship and womanhood! 😀

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. -Proverbs 15:22

Not staying away from our worship meetings, as some habitually do, but encouraging each other, and all the more as you see the day drawing near. – Hebrews 10:25



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