Sweet Nothing

Can’t sleep. It’s been a while. I’ve missed this. A lot of things happened since my last blog entry, roller coaster of emotions, stretching of faith and legit humbling of the heart. (In particular, my heart.) 

Notice the photo above. It speaks to me a lot. If you are in a pageant, it’s temptation, it’s sweet, but no good. Just like in life, we are rich with sweet things in this world, yet unworthy ones. My point is not everything romantic and sweet are good. Not everything we desire may be beneficial for us. Not everything that seems good are good. Not all forms of love that we believe in are true love. Not everything we see are substantial, a lot of things are deceiving and tempting, and we gotta be careful. 

Two weeks ago, I was not chosen as a candidate for my big dream. It was painful, until He brought me back and made me an official candidate a week later. He’s crazy, in a nice way. He realigned my heart and my desires. He proved me that He’s in control of my dreams and everything solely depends on Him. That no matter how much I try to be my life’s director, He will always be the Boss. He rules and reigns, as usual. (Hindi na ako na sanay.) In a span of a week, I was humbled, I’ve learned to surrender the dream to Him. Mehhn, and I realized it was just right for me to do it because dreaming of becoming Miss Universe is totally not under my control, so might as well give it to Him. Apart from Him, everything I want to achieve is rubbish–waley and chaka.

(Prior to the ones written below were written 6 days ago)

Let’s go back to the title, Sweet Nothing. Hmm. To me, it’s waste of time, it delays us from seeing the real blessing and brings us to idleness instead knowing and living out our purpose. Sweet Nothing is a work of the enemy. It may be procrastination, checking out nonsense stuff on Instagram & Facebook for hours (guilty) and prioritizing it more than the important things I have to do. It could mean settling in a relationship na wala lang & bahala na, unlabeled. It could mean doing a lot of good works yet not being able to understand why you do them. It could be getting rich to sustain for yourself, and yours alone. It could mean you being the happiest person in the world, while the people around you are dying in pain. Anything that points to self, to selfishness in particular, is worthless. What else did I miss? So that’s my view of sweet nothing. 

Alright, I’m posting this now. I’m glad to be back in the pageant (Binibining Pilipinas 2016) and I sincerely hope to enjoy it like never before. Good night, Universe! 💜🙂


3 thoughts on “Sweet Nothing

  1. Hi Ate Ria! I’ve been following your journey since BBP 2013. I was happy when you came back in BBP 2016. I’ve been recently following and reading your blogs. I’ve been inspired to follow your footsteps. I am also inspired on how you share life-lessons and your faith to Jesus Christ, especially to a Filipino youth like me. Also, thank you for this article because this is actually relevant in my life at present as a graduating student who would venture the real world soon. It made me realize in really prioritizing the things that truly matter most. Anyway, I’m rooting for you this year. God bless on your journey to the Universe Ate Ria! 🙂 ❤

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