Dear Ate Girl: It’s not him, it’s you

Dear Ate Girl,

Giiirl, so ano na? Sisisihin mo nanaman that guy for leaving you. You’ll try to cut yourself again? Or replace him with someone new to be able to forget? You’ll tell your friends how painful it is. Or go on the prideful end, book a flight somewhere in the world pretending you’re okay on your Instagram posts and you got everything handled pero yung totoo durog na durog ka na. You’ve been warned, but you did not listen. Ayan tuloy, you’re back in that loop again!

Sa start pa lang wala ka ng peace, you knew it was wrong, you felt it but you reasoned with it. You wrestled with God about it. Lord, baka pwede na ‘to. Lord, I can probably change him. Lord, ako na bahala dito, tagal na ng waiting game I’m settling for this one at the moment. Lord, friends lang naman. Talaga lang ah, friends? Pero deep inside you knew you were falsely in love and you were already hearing that still small voice telling you clearly: NO, HINDI YAN, HE’S NOT GOD’S BEST FOR YOU. Ehh ang tigas ng ulo mo. You come up with reasons to keep the relationship everyday, hanep you would even quote the Bible to back up your baluktot decisions. Girl, didn’t you forget that Satan also quoted the scripture to Jesus? Ano baaa. 

Okay, don’t get me wrong hindi kita cinocondemn, I’m just reminding you of your heart and how fragile and easily tempted it is. Nakalimutan mo na ba almost similar din yung pain mo with the guy prior to that one? That’s why you really have to guard your heart beh! Pagod na ako to see how lugmok and emo you are, I’m sure pagod na pagod ka na din. You know you’re not ready for a relationship, for a man, for that is not really what you need. Ang keylangan mo is to rekindle your relationship with Christ, He’s the Man you need. Bumalik ka na please. Maawa ka sa sarili mo and sa mga taong tunay na nagmamahal sayo. 

Dati super on fire ka kay Jesus, ngayon hindi ka na nagrereply when you get invited to go to church or Bible study. Again, alam mo that you are not yet ready. Try mo lang magpapursue kay Jesus ulit! Mahilig ka magmahal diba, try mo sa kanya ipour-out lahat ng pagmamahal mo. Carireen mo na si Lord. Diba nga His’ plans for you are good, pleasing and perfect? Don’t you like that package deal? Matalino ka naman so gets mo na ‘to, balik ka na sa Kanya. 

And wag mo na sisihin anyone, repent for your sins, humble yourself, God will forgive you naman e. Pero please don’t get stuck to the point na sa repenting period ka nalang forever and you condemn yourself na. Sis, love ka ni Lord. Intense! Alam Nya when you are ready and when you are not so wag ka ng feelingera na kaya mo ihandle your life. Cause hindi talaga. Listen to Him. Fall in love with Jesus again. Sya nalang Boyfriend mo. One day ibibigay Nya sayo yung pak na pak na God’s Best mo, ganern! Pero for now, kay Lord ka nalang muna. Keri? 


Your Ate Girl in Christ 😉


2 thoughts on “Dear Ate Girl: It’s not him, it’s you

  1. Hello po! Sorry if my comment is kinda off topic. Just saw these photos of Pamu here in your blog. . I am one of her supporter and I really love the ever kalog girl from PBB. Because of her, I also got to know your barkada (and I am grateful to your group because all of you are inspiring me to have a deeper relationship with God). I just wanted to thank you Ms. Ria and the whole group for always being there for Pamu especially in the trying times of her life.

    Watching her from afar, nothing to do but to always wonder what is happening to her and just holding on to our prayers, it is really hard and depressing as she is very dear to our hearts. But we almost forgot that she is the one who is hurting the most. I know she can be stubborn or annoying (because of her too much kakulitan) but she’s so scared. I can feel her fears and it breaks my heart seeing her crying out for help.

    We are sorry if we made it more difficult for her to carry on. But when I saw her fighting, I am amazed on how she handle these things that are happening and thank you for carrying her through the process. I thank her because after more than one month (1 and a half I guess) of uncertainty and anxiety, she was the very reason why I felt better. She made me realized how selfish we can be. Despite the hows and whys in her mind, and the excruciating pain that she is experiencing, she showed us that she will always trust and have faith to our Lord.

    To Pamu,

    Dear, we love you and we will always be praying for you. Time will come that you will be healed from all the pain. Jesus has… Jesus can… Jesus will… heal you. 🙂
    There is indeed life after this. A better one is out there awaiting for you. 🙂

    God bless you all!

    Ms. Ria, sorry for the long comment. I don’t know if Pamu can see our DMs in her ig account and I don’t know if she can read this but I am taking my chances.
    Again, thank you very much 🙂


    • Hi. Praise God that Pamu is able to inspire you. Continue to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and get to know Him through the Bible, that what we’ve all been doing to stay grounded and strong in the Lord. God bless all your heart’s desires!


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