Can’t Sleep | Davao

I’m flying early later, need to be up and get ready at 2am, it’s almost 2, and I haven’t slept yet. Buy why? Must be the Durian Coffee I tried for the first time this afternoon when we went to Paradise Beach Resort, Samal Island. Kasi naman hindi talaga ako coffee drinker, but Captain Leo insisted that I try it, eh masarap — kaya I finished the entire cup.🙈
I love being in this place. It’s my 3rd time to visit Davao and I always love the feels I get whenever I’m here. Funny cause I’d always go here for ‘work’ (judged for a pageant screening 2years ago, did a charity visit a year ago, and now my first layover as a flight attendant) but being here always gives me a vacation and relaxation vibe. The last time I was here, (last year) I met Mayor Duterte back when he didn’t want to run for presidency yet, glad to be one of the people who campaigned and prayed for him. Talking about praying for my country’s leader/s. I learned that each time I pray for a leader, I shouldn’t be placing my trust to the person I’m praying for, but to trust what my God can do in and through him that he may be able to do his’ duties well. Bible says put your trust not on man, but on God. My president, our country’s president is apparently flawed, imperfect, just like everyone else, just like you and I. And we can only truly pray that he gets wiser, healthier, humbler as God uses him to lead our nation. In  1Timothy 2:1-2 it says: I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. So whether we like Duterte or not, let’s pray for him, that every work of his hands may only contribute to our country’s progressive growth, may encourage every Filipino to be better individuals, and may give glory to our Father. So instead of ranting, let’s pray.😋

Again, we don’t trust men, we trust God’s work in men. Anti-idol, anti-disappointment, anti-stress. Kasi nga we were saved by grace, through faith, it’s the gift of God, not by our works so that nobody can boast. That’s why WE’RE LIVING THE LIGHT THAT ISN’T OURS, I heard this earlier as part of the lyrics in a random Christian channel I was listening to on Spotify. And it makes so much sense to me. All that we are, all a result of Grace.  
O sya, malapit na mag-2am, praying for GRACE now. I need strength, power & excellence at work later. 

Forever thankful & blessed by Christ, Riri💜