FullSizeRenderHi, I’m Sissel Ria. You may call me Sissel or Ria, whichever’s comfortable with you.

I like writing letters to my loved ones, I believe words are great encouragement we can ever give anyone.

I’m into love story films, chic-flick and anything romantic.

I like building relationships, talking to people and learning the depth of their existence. Not to give the notion that I’m being too deep, but these are really my ultimate interests. I like getting personal, straight to the core.

I’m working on with my patience on difficult people. I was once difficult and now constantly being changed by my Creator. 

My top love languages are: touch/affection, words of affirmation and spending quality time. Actually, everything! I love to love but I’m giving it all to God as I wait for the One He’s preparing for me.

I want to be Miss Universe at 26, get married at 27, be a mom at 28 — though all these depends on His’ timing.

I don’t have much fancy adjectives to enumerate to describe myself the way I want to be perceived. But there’s 1 solid truth about me that remains constant: I’m nobody, saved by the Almighty.

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